Quick Macros beta

Version Date 2019-08-29. File size 4.8 MB.


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Note: for some time the setup file may trigger security warnings because is very new and not signed. To avoid it you can download the older version (below). This new version just fixes one bug.

Quick Macros

Version Date 2019-03-28. File size 4.8 MB.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Quick Macros shareware limitations?

A. While unregistered, stops working after 30 days of actual usage.

Q. Will I need a new license for this Quick Macros version if I already have one for an older version?

A. No. Quick Macros upgrades are free. Just download and run the setup file.

Q. If I upgrade Quick Macros, will my macros still run?

A. Yes. However some Quick Macros versions may slightly change something. See What's New.

Q. Will Quick Macros notify me about new versions?

A. Quick Macros checks for new version if you enable this in Options.

Q. Where I can download Quick Macros version X.X.X?

A. Only Quick Macros versions listed in this page are available.