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Making Macro (Interfaces)
Ok, I'm making a macro for a program I use, I need it to click a button that opens an interface, but sometimes the program lags and so I need the macro to keep trying to click that button until the interface appears. How would I do that?

EDIT: I'm going to try to use the click-on-color function in this thread using the color of the interface...React on color function + macro
If that interface is a window, the macro could be like this
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,lef x y win("window with button") ;;click button
,int w1=win("window name of the interface") ;;find window of the interface
,if(w1) break ;;if found, stop waiting
,0.1 ;;wait 0.1 s
out "stopped waiting"
Hmm how about something like this:

if color = blue at x y
lef 744 422

else if color = red at x y (same coord as first x y)
lef 941 562

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