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Run shortcut files created by Google Chrome failing. QM Bug?
Hi Gintaras
I'm using Quick Macros Version

I use Chrome profiles, and have used "Create desktop shortcut" from Chrome for some of the profiles.
I can launch the Chrome shortcuts from Windows 10 File Explorer.
When I use Quick Macros to run a shortcut file created from Chrome, I get this error message: The specified path does not exist. Check the path, and then try again.
When I copy notepad.lnk into the same folder, I can launch it using Quick Macros run ok.
My test code in a QM function is: run "C:\tempc\z-test - Chrome.lnk"

I've attached an example shortcut file: z-test - Chrome.lnk.uuencode.txt

Thanks for your help,

Attached Files
.txt   z-test - Chrome.lnk.uuencode.txt (Size: 3.2 KB / Downloads: 18)
I can't test your shortcut. My Chrome profile shortcuts don't have this problem.

Macro Macro3114
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;run "$program files$\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "--profile-directory=''Profile 1''" "" "*" ;;test - Chrome
;run "Q:\Test\test - Chrome.lnk"
run "$desktop$\Person 1 - Chrome.lnk"
Thank you for checking Gintaras.
Regards, John

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