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Firefox/QM - Accesible Objects Not Working

Recently updated to QM
Firefox version 108.0.2 (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro

Not sure why, but since I updated QM, Accessible object actions and Find accessible actions, wait are not working for Firefox.

The drag to locate an object feature does nothing... used to take a few seconds, now it does nothing at all.

Any macros I had made previously with acc function related to Firefox no longer work, resulting in error response "object not found".

Can anyone shed some light as to why this would be happening?

Thank you!!!!!
On my computer accessible object functions work like always. Exactly the same versions of FF, QM and Windows.

Some ideas related to QM updating:
1. Accessible object code did not change in several last QM versions. So must be some other reason.
2. Maybe now QM runs in a sandbox of some security software.

Also, accessible object functions don't work when the target process is admin and QM isn't. But admin Firefox process is unlikely.

You can also test how LibreAutomate works with Firefox on your computer. If it does not work too, probably something is wrong with Firefox.
Maybe, Firefox version over 83 will not work ACC as security reason.

I don't know how to make Firefox work with ACC but
You can try with chrome, run chrome with "--force-renderer-accessibility"

run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "--force-renderer-accessibility" "" "" 0x100|0x800)

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