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Resizable dialog, resizable controls, splitters
Functions to automatically resize dialog controls when user resizes dialog or drags splitter.

Shows how to make dialog resizable.
Function DT_AutoSizeControls: Moves or resizes dialog controls when you resize the dialog.
Control class QM_Splitter. Resizes adjacent controls when user drags splitter. And class DlgSplitter.

Note: if you already have function DT_AutoSizeControls, delete it.

Nov 8 2010:
Added class DlgSplitter.
Now you can get/set splitter position from code.
Fixed 1 bug.

Some small changes.

Upgrading: delete old folder (probably named "Resizable dialog, resizable controls, splitters") and import this file. Restart QM.

Keywords: separator, divider, mouse, move, border, child, window, vertical, horizontal

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