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Resizable dialog, resizable controls, splitters
Hi Gintaras,
Thanks for your rapid response. I think I am in a bit over my head here.
I had taken the the code from[quote]dlg_tabbed_web_browser

but since I wasn't filling it from an array made from a folder full of htm's, I decided to just directly code the url links. BUT I left out the part about first hiding all current tabs and THEN unhiding the selected tab if the control is already created. I was just making a new control each time. Not good!
I am still a bit confused about how to accomplish this. The splitters have funny behavior with this mtultibrowser tabs. Sometimes, they always grab onto the tab control but only sometimes grab onto the actual browser window within it. And after switching tabs, sometimes will fill in the new size of the control (after using the splitter to enlarge/shrink), even if it didn't drag to that new size when first dragging the splitter. I think this may be all solved by managing the tabs like in your original dialog (hide all, unhide selected rather than new control each time without hiding previous) but I am not sure I can figure it out by myself.

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