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Some little things for code-editor-pane
  • Code collapse, I might have overlooked it but I couldn't find it. The user selects text and right clicks and selects "collapse" (or something like that) and code collapses and is re-viewable by clicking an "+" in de gutter where the line numbers are displayed. (example)

  • Code include, in stead of using functions one could simply use "include: [link to code] "(or something like that), it would treat the include like it was a part of calling macro itself. One could use this for example to declare the "header" of your code in a seperate part.
    For example the "#if exe ... " statement could be "seperated" from the code so the user has a bit more overview I try to use functions but it is not always the best option.

  • Comments in the form of balloon tips, this would give the user the option to display a balloon tip over the line that has a comment-balloon associated with it. The code that actually has the balloon-tip could marked up a bit differently (italic) with a balloon icon in the gutter (where the line numbers are). This could keep the code more "comment clean" while actually keeping comments in code, could be handy for heavy commenters.

  • Render all comments out of the code before compiling to exe. A checkbox like add-on in the dialog where you compile to exe. Maybe this is already done automatically? I may have overlooked it.

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