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Macro stops at nettwork password window and wont go further
If either is disabled or does not have same triggers, QM1 and QM2 should not conflict.

QM 209 run command waits for input idle. It should improve macro reliability, but now I see that it was mistake. This feature will be removed in next versions.

Try this function instead of run. Let function's name is Run. Replace all non-working instances of run to Run.

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function ~file [$params] [$verb] [~workdir] [showcmd]

dll# shell32.dll ShellExecute hWnd $lpOperation $lpFile $lpParameters $lpDirectory nShowCmd

if(!len(params)) params=0
if(!len(verb)) verb=0
if(workdir.len) workdir.all
if(showcmd=0) showcmd=SW_NORMAL

if(ShellExecute(0 verb file params workdir showcmd)<=32) end "cannot run"

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