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How to copy/paste C# and QM code in the forum (with colors etc)

To copy/paste code from QM to the forum:
- QM: use menu Edit -> Other formats -> Forum. It copies the selected or all text to the clipboard.
- Forum: simply paste in the post. Don't use the Code button.

To copy/paste code from the forum to QM:
- Forum: click the Copy link at the top-right of the code.
- QM: paste in the code editor. If QM displays link 'Click here to correct the pasted code' , click it. See also ForumFunctionsToQm.

QM code in the forum is with commas (,) and semicolons (;) instead of tabs and spaces. It's because tabs and spaces may disappear in the forum. These characters are important. When you copy text using menu Edit -> Other Formats, it replaces tabs and spaces to commas and semicolons. When you copy forum code and paste in QM, QM restores tabs and spaces.

See also: QM dialog code in the forum

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