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Printing the " char
I need to be able to have the T.S. menu out put the following line:
bee "C:\My Downloads\sounds\system\error.wav"

but it keeps hanging up on the quotes; how can i get it to print the quotes?

Use escape sequence '', eg
p :"bee ''C:\My Downloads\sounds\system\error.wav''"
I gave that a try at first but when it prints into the New Macro (I'm building a TS template of various sounds that I need to use when I'm coding new macros), the macro errors out because it needs " rather than two ' .

I was thinking I could do an ascii char print but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Something like

p: "bee "; ascii char 034; "C:\My Downloads\sounds\system\error.wav";ascii char 034
Quote:the macro errors out because it needs " rather than two ' .

It makes me think that you use apostrophe symbol other than ascii 39, otherwise two apostrophes in strings would be replaced to double quote. Another way to escape double quote is [34].
worked great...


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