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Opening explorer folders at specified location, and resizing
Everytime I boot Windows, I would like my C:\ folder and my D:\ folder to open up. C:\ take up half the screen and D:\ take the other half.

-Anyone have any experience opening an explorer folder at a specified location? (not maximized and top left corner at location X,Y)
-Anyone know how to specify the dimensions of the folder to be opened?
-Anyone know how to execute the macro only once upon boot up?

Macro examples that contain doing such actions would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
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spe 10
int w1
run "C:\" "" "" "" 0x2800 "C:" w1
int w2
run "D:\" "" "" "" 0x2800 "D:" w2
siz 0.5 1.0 w1 4
mov 0 0 w1 4
siz 0.5 1.0 w2 4
mov 0.5 0 w2 4
act w1

Create macro or function, paste this code, and assign trigger QM Events -> Windows Started. QM also must be set to run at startup.
Gintaras, today my friend, you are my hero.

Such clean and readable code. Works EXACTLY how I wanted it to. I'm amazed at the power and versatility of this program.

Thanks a million Big Grin
Sorry one last question.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this with a folder that is not a root directory.

ie) C:\Program Files

On line 3 of your code:
run "C:\" "" "" "" 0x2800 "C:"w1

I'm not sure what to replace the C: with.

Thanks again.
First "c:\" is folder path. Second "c:" is window name (can be partial). You can use the Open Folder dialog to insert this command.
do you have an idea why your example opens the 'Open with' dialog ?

i have a german xp so i embedd a screenshot found on google.
in my case its "C:\"

[Image: windows-explorer-folder-options-open-with-dialog-3.png]
Like default verb would be "openas". This example behaves the same:

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run "C:\" "" "openas" "" 0x2800 "C:" w1

Make sure that default verb for "Drive" file type is not set, or is "open" or "explore". Be careful. I tried to temporarily set default verb to "find", and now cannot set back and going to use System Restore.

Or use verb "open" or "explore" in run.
can you post me the path to the default verb ?
in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell - standard is not set

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