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Enter key and Click
I am trying to figure out how to HOLD DOWN ENTER KEY and LEFT CLICK THE MOUSE

I used:

key+ 'Y
key- 'Y

But it doesnt work.

Also, is there a way to find if a certain window is present? Like for example find a popup window? What I'd like to do is make the macro loop until a certain window is found.

i dont know about the enter key thing but to do the popup check you can do the following.

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0 WA "The Popup Window Name"

the 0 makes it wait forever for the window.

if you need to have it do things while waiting for the window, try this:
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,ifi "The Popup Window Name"
,[i]the commands you want to run[/i]
note: the ","s are the same thing as tabs.
About the Enter key: just remove those '.
I removed the '

but still not consistent. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

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