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I do some coding in VB and in one of my APPS I need to be able to do a push button "but" command on a ID of "295" I have the parent handle, but I was wondering how to get the Child/ID hwnd in VB.

I already have the code to do the push button in VB thats not the problem the problem is if I want it to work I have to have the hwnd for the Child/ID. My question is in qm do you use the hwnd of the Child/ID, what I mean do you get the hwnd from the ID or can you do a push button with just the buttons ID, I know the code in qm would just be something like this.......

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but+ 295 hwnd
But I have found nothing on how to use ID's with VB or I should say very little. Any help would be great even if its to give me a push in the right direction.

PS If you are getting the hwnd from the ID and doing the command with that hwnd how would I go about doing this ? also this is not the first place I came I have been looking for some time now. :oops: Tongue

Use Windows API function GetDlgItem or EnumChildWindows & GetDlgCtrlID.

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