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2 questions:

1. Is there a way to wait until some pixel change color:

for example, i want to wait that the pixel (100,200) turns "black" , is it possible?

2. Is it possible to extract MAJ and min characters in a string?

for example, i have a string "Qf4" and i want to have 2 strings: "Q" and "f4"

another example: i want to separate the string "Cxd2" into 2 strings: "C" and "d2" ...

Lot of thanks in advance!
You make great work Gintaras!
(excuse my poor english...)
1. Use "Wait" dialog, "wait for color" action.
2. Use regular expression (findrx function). For example, in a regular expression string, an uppercase character can be specified as [A-Z], a lowercase character as [a-z], and a digit as \d

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