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List of Subfolders
How would one get the name of the subfolders within a folder. For example: C:\Temp\
the subfolders are: Music, Pictures, Documents. . .

Thank you
Use "Enumerate files" dialog.

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Dir d
foreach(d "C:\Temp\*" FE_Dir 0x1)
,str sPath=d.FileName(1)
,out sPath
Thank you so much.

This helps clearning all the garbarge files we word on a daily basis. What we need is since QM starts automatically everytime we turn on the computers, how do we make sure this specific file is loaded and played? Do you just drag the file into Start Up? I tried that and it didn't work.

you can put it in "init2" if you want it to start when qm starts up.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
It will only work if the same file was used last before the computer was rebooted.

What I need is for a specific file to start when the computer is turned on or rebooted everytime.
Create shortcut to the file in the StartUp folder.
I am not sure if this is what you want, but...

I have a macro called startup that I then call from init2

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run "\\UNC PATH\" "" "" "" 7
run "\\UNC PATH\" "" "" "" 7

It opens the two folders I need
Gintaras Wrote:Create shortcut to the file in the StartUp folder.

Works great, thanks so much. It started the macro after rebooting the computer.

Do I need to place init2 inside the system folder?
It can be anywhere, but should not be in System.

In QM 2.1.8 and above, you can use "QM events - QM file loaded" trigger instead of init2.

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