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Multiple Desktop Existing Window Question
i'm running VirtuaWin to manage multiple desktops on my machine. when i start up a certian database i have a "watcher" function start up and tell me if it is still open in so many minutes. if however, the db is closed (ie "ifi-"), it stops the timer and ends itself.

the trouble comes when i switch desktops and the function does a ifi- and doesnt find that db window so it closes even though the db is open on another desktop. I tried getting the process id but when the db initially opens but because i may have several db open at once i cant be certain of getting the right one. i also thought of setting a global variable triggered on the destruction of the db window but that wont trigger if the process is killed via the Task Manager from a desktop other than the one the db is on.

any ideas on how i can do this? the process id seems the way to go if i can get it.

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The Macro Hook
Are you sure it is related to multiple desktops? When VirtuaWin switches desktops, it moves windows 25000 pixels down and activates a window on the new desktop. ifi still finds windows on the old desktop.

Store window handles into global array and then repeatedly call IsWindow (instead of ifi).
i checked it again with a short timeout and when i open it the timer kicks off and when i switch desktops it does the ifi- and executes that "if" loop and end the watcher function (which is what it does when i close the db and while staying on the same desktop).
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Now I tested other window. It was hidden when in inactive desktop. To find hidden windows, use class name.

ifi- win("name" "class")

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