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"wait 0 K ..." can wait in other thread.

mac "WaitForKey_Thread"

goto g1

Function WaitForKey_Thread
if(getopt(nthreads)>1) ret
wait 0 K F6
shutdown -6 0 "Macro415"

>>> is it possible not to shutdown Macro415 but just pause it?
i mean something like this: pause "Macro415"? but how to write it?

and, if i have

Function event


wait 0 C 0xFFFFFF 329 323
wait 0 K Y

then in Macro111


mac "event"
goto g1

if pixel 329 323 turns to 0xFFFFFF color, then function "event" will wait 0 K Y, but will macro "Macro111" wait for key Y (enter), or does Macro continue running ?
Pausing macros currently is not supported.

Macro will continue, because it runs in other thread.
yes i saw that macro continues Sad

but no problem, i will find something else!
you could always turn it into a function and then have it check a global variable and pause it the gv says something like "Pause" (which is set via a differ function/macro).
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