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Tabs in IE7
I am hoping I did not miss this when I did a search, but I could not find this. Is there a way to select a tab in IE 7? I have a site that opens a popup window in a tab and QM cannot find the new tab and errors out.

AHAHA....and so it begins, all the grief I gave poor G. over FireFox and tabs and here we are back to same spot only with IE 7.

there is a toolbar button on the qm toolbar that appears whenever the qm editor is showing that has an option called "Accessible Object Actions" that dialog should get you started on picking the tab (at least it worked on FF).
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Yes, works.

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Acc a=acc("tab name" "PAGETAB" win("Internet Explorer" "IEFrame") "DirectUIHWND" "" 0x1001)
Ken you crack me up. Of course use this option. I feel so stupid, I was looking at the HTML side not the application side.

G, Thanks!!

You two are always so helpful.
just you wait....if you're down on yourself now, just wait till you ask the same question 6 months apart and everyone goes, "Umm, dude you asked that 6 months ago and said it worked great." :lol:
is a function currently running
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook

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