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Setting text in a TB
I used the example in Samples2 to set text in a "static" in a toolbar. The example works fine, but when I started changing names it failed everytime. It seems if the toolbar has lower case chars in it's name the set text macro fails. Upper case and the example -which contains lower case- works fine though?!?! I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Maybe its my computer. I attached the test code.
  • Here's my test condition:
    Run "J UPPERCASE", it'll create a toolbar.
    Run "j uc set text", it'll put text in the TB.
    Right click and close the TB
    Run "j lowercase", it'll create a toolbar.
    Run "j lc set text", it errors saying it can't find the window??
    Right click and close the TB

Attached Files
.qml   TB Hook Test.qml (Size: 954 bytes / Downloads: 157)
Matt B
Toolbar window name is toolbar name in uppercase.

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;text.setwintext(id(1 win("j lowercase" "QM_Toolbar")))
text.setwintext(id(1 win("J LOWERCASE" "QM_Toolbar")))

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