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More Windows API declarations for QM
Many Windows API declarations are in WINAPI and other reference files that come with QM. This file contains more declarations.


Converted from Windows 7 SDK header files. Used VC6 CRT header files for msvcrt.dll. Used preprocessor definitions for Windows7/IE8.

Contains 204585 declarations: dll 17615, type 10525, interface 5808, def 143275, guid 10949, typedef 18967, callback 2147

File size: ~12 MB. Compressed file size: ~2.6 MB.

Download and unzip to the Quick Macros folder.

Reference file declaration:
Function init2
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ref WINAPI2 "$qm$\winapi2.txt" 1
You can place the declaration in function 'init2'. Create if does not exist. It runs when QM starts. Although the file is >10 MB, it uses much less memory because QM does not load whole file.

Usage example:
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WINAPI2.Function(&t WINAPI2.Constant)

Actually it is better to extract declarations from the file and place them in macros. Then, instead of WINAPI2.Something use just Something. One of reasons for this is that some declarations may be changed in future WINAPI2 versions.

This file is for QM 2.2.0 and later. It is not compatible with older QM versions.

C to QM conversion tools currently are not available.


03/05/2007 - fixed bug in some interface declarations.
04/29/2008 - added Windows Vista declarations.
08/24/2009 - added Windows 7 declarations.
04/12/2010 - added some missing dll names.

This was working yesterday but now I get an error to say WINAPI2 doesnt exist, but it clearly does as nothing has changed
ref WINAPI2 "$qm$\winapi2.txt" 1

This must be either in the same macro where used or in a function executed before, for example in function init2.

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