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blocking pms on yahoo
Hi i'm wondering how I would clo "Instant Message" on yahoo messanger but then get the window text of that person that sent me the message and the window text of the message that person sent and put it into qm output so when I read the messages its on Qm out put.
i dont have IM stuff but you can get window text be doing something like this.

use the QM toolbar and choose "Window/control actions".
then choose the "Get Text" near the bottom of the list.
drag the "control" target thingy over the YIM box that has the text.

then you can use the "out" function to put it into the editor's output box.
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The Macro Hook
I don't understand it I cant get it to get the window text of the "Instant Message" and then go into the QM_output is there a speical code to get the words to drag into QM out put besides out because when I put out nothing happens then I try out "Instant Message" and than that goes into QM out put if someone has yahoo messanger and tryed this and it worked can you please help meSmile

post your code and let's have a look.
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The Macro Hook
this is what I got so far and I added a trigger window to it and its a function

str s="Instant Message"
s.setwintext(id(0 "Instant Message"))
;And then i Want what it says in QM out put.

clo ("Instant Message")
i like to use the "Accessible object actions" menu item in the QM Toolbar. Just choos that option and then in the "Actions" list choose get value and then drag the aiming reticle over the field with the text and that should get you what you need.
A new blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Ken ive never delt with Accesible Objects befor so I don't really know what you mean.

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