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How can I push the middle button mouse in the tab of taskbar and close the window associated?
Get accessible object from mouse, get its name, and close window with that name.

Or, right click, wait for menu, press c.
and if 2 or more windows have same name?
Then use the second method.
I wanted to use:

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Acc a=acc(mouse)
str name=a.Name
int hwnd=win(name)
ShutDownProcess hwnd

and second method is not valid with ShutDownProcess
Second method also can be used to ShutDownProcess. The menu belongs to that process, not to explorer.

int h=wait(10 WC "+#32768") ;;wait for menu
ShutDownProcess h
Ok. Thanks.
It`s slow.
Do you know a quicker way?
Don't know.
How can I close all windows from right of mouse on Taskbar?
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Acc a=acc(mouse)
if(a.State&STATE_SYSTEM_PRESSED=0) lef
key+ C
,a.Navigate("next"); err break
key- C
wait 5 WV "+#32768"
key c

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