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Automated method for watching for New Posts on Forum
So, I got sick of waiting for Google Reader to update the feed on the QM rss link I decided to figure out a different way.

\start FireFox rave\

Since i use FF i figured that there would be an RSS reader extension that had both the capability to check the feed more frequently AND notify me when something showed up (rather than using 'Refresh Every' and manually looking at the index every 15 min). Enter 'Wizz RSS News Reader'. It can do this with the 'WatchList' and give you a sound notice and one of those little email pop-up things as well. Really nice!

so here's the link.
\end FireFox rave\


btw: i think it determines the 'read/unread' by checking your cache, so if you wait for the qm forum to show the message you just posted, it won't show up on the next update! that's nice cuz i don't care to be bothered with the stuff i wrote cuz more than likely, i already know what it says.... :wink:
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