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Dialog ComboBox images
Is there a way to load up a ComboBox with images? If not, maybe a decent alternative?

Thanks! Big Grin
Just say HEMP!
Can be used ComboBoxEx32 control, or owner-drawn ComboBox control. In QM, it is easier to use owner-drawn ComboBox because ComboBoxEx32 is not managed by QM.

Combo/list box with icons/bmp/jpg/gif
I don't think one could say enough good about the quick, helpful and expansive replies you give. Amazing...

A bit of a problem though. When I mentioned images in my first post, I was refering to bitmap type images and not icons. :?

I'd like a drop down list of about 58 60x90 jpg's. I've seen the effect in some programs...

Just say HEMP!
Updated. Renamed To CB_DrawImages.
Wow, that's great!

I gave up on the combobox and went for a list box since I couldn't figure out the proper styles or...?

I was hoping to have the initial size of the combobox be the height of an image. Instead it seemed to be stuck to the default height.

It also seems that the images really should be all the same dimensions. In fact, if a larger vertical dimension is specified than is for any image, that image doesn't show on the list. A blank spot shows instead.

Also, the vertical scroll bar on the left of the list box doesn't show the correct length until I scroll down. If I scroll one image or 'page' of images at a time, this is no big deal. If, however, I scroll by dragging the slider to the bottom, it only goes part way down the list. I must then let go of the slider and then continue scrolling to see the rest of the images. There are 58 images in my list.

Thanks! Big Grin
Just say HEMP!
Combo box unexpanded height: probably cannot be changed.

Images must be all the same dimensions.

Scrolling: updated, now works.

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