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Get console window text
Member function str.GetConsoleText. Create it using menu File -> New -> New Member Function.
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function# [hwnd] [firstline] [nlines]

;Gets text of a console window.
;Returns total number of lines. On failure returns 0.
;Requires Windows XP or later, and QM 2.2.0 or later.

;An example of console window is Windows command prompt.
;Alternatively can be used RunConsole, which runs the program and gets its output.
;Other functions (getwintext, acc, etc) cannot get console window text.

;hwnd - console window handle. If omitted or 0, uses first found console window.
;firstline - 0-based index of first line to get. Default: 0. If firstline >= total number of lines, the function will succeed but the str variable will be empty.
;nlines - number of lines to get. Default: to the end. If firstline+nlines > total number of lines, the function will succeed and get all lines until the end.

;str s
;if(!s.GetConsoleText(0)) ret
;out s

if(!hwnd) hwnd=win("" "ConsoleWindowClass"); if(!hwnd) ret
if(!GetWindowThreadProcessId(hwnd &_i)) ret
if(!AttachConsole(_i)) ret

int ho=GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)

if(!GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(ho &cb)) goto ge

int i n nc(cb.dwSize.X) nl(cb.dwCursorPosition.Y+1) stopline
,if(!nlines) nlines=1000000000
,if(nlines>nl-firstline) nlines=nl-firstline
,str s.all(nc); s.flags=1
,for i firstline stopline
,,COORD c.Y=i
,,if(!ReadConsoleOutputCharacter(ho s nc c &n)); goto ge
,,s.fix(n); s.rtrim
,,addline(s i=stopline-1)

ret nl

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