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Small macros, revisited
Since there’s now a forum for it, and the new beta version is better at exporting and importing macros, here is a slightly changed repost of my simple macros from the general forum.

Replace with m-dash (a TS Menu, triggered by “-”)
; This just replaces pairs of dashes with an m-dash.
; You’ll want to exclude any email or programming editors.

- :"—"

Toggle Window (a macro, triggered by whatever you like)
; Switches a window between normal and maximized size.
; Gintaras pointed out to me that there is a much more dependable
; way to figure out whether a window is zoomed, so I’ve switched
; over to that.

if( IsZoomed(win) )

Volume up (a macro triggered by (175) )
; (175) is the special key code for the volume up button on keyboards
; which happen to have such a key. (Use 174 for volume down., or
; 173 for mute.)
; Trivial as this macro looks, it’s still useful — I get to hear the volume
; after pressing the button, which makes it easier to choose a good
; setting.


Vertical zoom (a macro, triggered by whatever you like)
; This vertically stretches a window.

int left top width height
int taskbarHeight = 32
int topLoss = 5

GetWinXY(win() &left &top &width &height)
mov left -topLoss
int theHeight = ScreenHeight - taskbarHeight + topLoss
siz width theHeight
9: ) Lindsey Dubb

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