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Email account settings
Hello all trying to send emails but dont really know how to set up email accounts in QM, i keep getting this error.

Error (RT) in Text_Message: SendMail: [Error: Connection failure] (0x4)
Server response:
Like in Outlook Express or some other email program. SendMail needs the same information.
What would be an example of the Server? maybe u can fill one in with fake info so i can see wut needs to be there? please

smtp - Google Search

i hope you don't need that for spaming, PP or related activities.
Free SMTP Server

once you have found your smtp server settings
look for MailSetup in the qm System/Internet/Mail folder,
there you also can setup accounts.
its not used for spamming or PP its for the new file someone posted about sending text messages, was gonna try it and ran into this problem
i have no idea what to fill in in the MailSetup kinda new to these part of qm have no idea what to fill in maybe you can give me an example?
Create a GMail account

GMail - How to setup Outlook Express
However currently SendMail does not work with gmail, because gmail requires secure connection (SSL). The final QM 2.2.1 version will work.
If you don't know some values, ask the email service provider or look in their web pages or search using google. Some providers give you a program or reg file that sets everything for you, except passwords. You can download it from their web pages.

Note that not all web mail providers allow you to use SMTP/POP3, ie to use email programs and QM. Not sure about Yahoo. Does not work for me. Gmail works, but you need the latest QM version.


To send email, required are SMTP settings. To receive - POP3 settings.

Values marked with * can be empty or anything you like.

Account name - account name that can be used with SendMail and other email functions, and is used in Outlook Express.

Email address - your email address in that account.

Reply-to - email address for reply, if different than Email address.

Server - server name. It often looks like, or

Timeout - number of seconds to wait for server response and then throw error.

Usually can be used default port. It is 25 for SMTP. When using secure connection (which is supported in the last QM version), default SMTP port is 465, although sometimes 25 also works.

Auth. method - usually works the default (LOGIN). If not, try other values.

User, password - user name and password of your email account. For SMTP, leave empty if Auth. method is "no".

POP3 settings are similar. User and password usually are the same as with SMTP. Server sometimes is the same, sometimes different, eg Default port is 110, or 995 for secure connection.
I am trying to do an email send out from QM via Outlook Exchange server rather than Outlook express which is not available to me.

Any suggestions?

Can't seem to get the settings right. Any suggestions for settings or alternative options?

Not sure what a 'Outlook Exchange Server' is ?
Its either 'Outlook (Client)' OR 'Exchange (Server)'

Are you trying to connect to Exchange Server using QM ? If yes, I am sure G will say 'NOT POSSIBLE' unless the Exchange Server has IMAP/POP3 enabled on it.

If the server has IMAP/POP3, you have to know the server address to connect to. The echange server address usually is NOT the IMAP/POP3 server address.
IBM Mainframe Expert who Plays with QM a LOT !
i use 'blat' ( to do all this.
it's an smtp mailer that you can hook up to an Exchange server as long as your admin alows smtp mailing.

it works great and i can send you some code examples to get you off the ground if you need.[/url]
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
hmm, i would be interested in seeing some examples if you dont have a problem with that ken sounds easier then wut im trying to do!
here's a quick example of how to setup the commandline. you can also do html as well as lists of recipients in files or the body in a file.

Copy      Help
str blatparam.from("-body ''This is the body of the email.[][]With line breaks.'' -to [email protected] -f [email protected] -s ''This is the subject'' -server -log C:\blat\log.txt''")
run "c:\blat\blat.exe" blatparam
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
That Blat seems really cool. Thanks for putting it up and also for the example. I think I should be able to do it but still having trouble with the server name.

My email address is (kindof): [email protected]
There is an exchange server address associated with this but on a different directory in the Outlook Contacts list I also see a list of additional email addresses including:

SMTP: [email protected]

[i.e. the same as my but all in caps and following the word SMTP:]

and then there is also in lower case:

smtp: [email protected]

Strange. I couldn't find a way to get any variation of these to work in the server part of the sample Blat code.

Any suggestions.

woops....the server code in the above code wasn't should have been


all of the things you were mentioning are addresses not server names. you'll probably have to talk with your IT to make sure they have the smtp allowed for your Exchange server first and then get the name of it.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Here is the gmail configuration link:

heres what I have for the string: (with out passwords)
Copy      Help
smtp_port 465
smtp_user [email protected]
smtp_auth 2
smtp_secure 1
smtp_timeout 60
smtp_email [email protected]
smtp_displayname "Jimmy Vig"
smtp_replyto "Jimmy Vig"
pop_port 993
pop_user [email protected]
pop_auth 0
pop_secure 1
pop_timeout 60

Copy      Help
SendMail "[email protected]" "" "Hello World" 0x100 "" "" "" "" "" "[email protected]"

Doesn't work.
Error (RT) in "Function15: SendMail: [Error: Connection failure] (0x8)
Server response:

smtp_port 587 returns this error:
Error (RT) in "Function15: SendMail: [Error: Connection failure] (0x70)
Server response: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. q16sm7705998qbq.0

Another thing I've noticed is that the password seems to be changing in the QM Email Settings. My password is 10 characters long...when I reopen the QM Email Settings dialog, the password is three characters long.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Jimmy Vig
It does not work for me too. Worked when I last time tested, maybe 1 year ago. Will try to discover why.

Password does not change. The dialog does not contain true password, just ... to show that it is not empty.
At least I know I'm not crazy. I've been like triple checking my double checks driving me nuts. My outlook express still works. There is a way to export the settings to a .iaf file, of course it's encrypted. Don't know if there's anything you can do with that.

Thanks for the reply.
Jimmy Vig
I'm using Stunnel to create the ssl login so i can send mail to any account via Gmail via QM.

Here's some info from the blat group.
Quote:For Gmail you need something like Stunnel;

You can get a portable version of Stunnel
pre configured for Gmail here;
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Please give example.

Jimmy Vig
Today will upload new QM version without this bug.
I just fire up that pre-configed Stunnel and then use this as the -server param for Blat.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Quote:Re: QM 2.3.0
by Gintaras on Yesterday, 13:25

QM released.

Just fixed email SSL bug.

Gint's the man! QM now interfaces with Gmail perfectly. Now my mind is going crazy with all the fun ideas I want to try out using emails and text messages!

Jimmy Vig
I just tryed setting up the Gmail account with QM a few mins ago and still can't get it to work. Does Outlook have to be setup for this to work along side QM? Can you give me an example of what to put in for each one to setup the account in the QM email dialog?


Error (RT) in "Macro2 /0"oMacro2: SendMail: [Error: Connection failure] (0x8)
Server response:

Thats error i get when trying to send message.
Once I loaded up the latest QM it all worked out great.

In the QM Email Settings->New Account->Click on from string
Here is the string you'll need for gmail...just replace username with your login ID:
Copy      Help
smtp_port 465
smtp_user [email protected]
smtp_password *********
smtp_auth 2
smtp_secure 1
smtp_timeout 60
smtp_email [email protected]
smtp_displayname "YOUR NAME"
smtp_replyto "OUR NAME"
pop_port 995
pop_user [email protected]
pop_password *********
pop_auth 0
pop_secure 1
pop_timeout 60
what about passwords? do they need to be anything specific?
Copy the settings, go to QM, open 'Send email message' dialog (it is in floating toolbar), click 'Accounts...' create new account (eg name "gmail"), click 'From string', paste, OK. It will populate all fields. Change USERNAME and passwords to your gmail username and password, also change From and Reply-to fields to your email address, OK.

You don't have to set account in outlook.
Did all that and says...

Some settings are missing from Account:

[email protected]

(MYEMAIL shows my actual email just removed it for this)

Any idea why it says that?
export settings to string and post here
and what is account name
and what code you use to send email

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