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Quickly find help and tools (for QM < 2.3.0)
Note: Works only on QM Included in QM and above.

Allows you to quickly find help and tools in these sources:
1. QM help.
2. Floating toolbar dialogs.
3. Functions in folders \System\Functions and \System\Dialogs\Dialog Functions (only in help sections).
4. Functions in specified QM folders (only in help sections). Run CI_CreateIndexOfMyFunctions.
5. Tips.
6. QM forum.
7. Google.

Type a search query in macro text and get a menu of help topics,
floating toolbar dialogs, functions and tips that contain the words.
Plus items that open web browser with QM forum or Google search results.
Plus item that sends your query to an online database as a command/feature
request or bug report.

The search query can be a question, or a task, or words in any sequence.
Finds topics that contain ALL words.
Also searches for similar words, eg "get", "gets", "getting".
Ignores stop-words, like "a", "to", "how", "it", and nonword characters.
Does not support phrase search, operators, etc.

Type the query as comments beginning with semicolon. The menu appears
when you press Enter. Examples:

Copy      Help
;copy files
;how to move a window to a monitor
;dialog icon
;attaching toolbars to windows
;toys for cats

No setup needed, but if you have other Enter triggers, you may have to
disable them, or modify associated filter functions to allow other similar
triggers (return -2 instead of 0), or change trigger of CI_CreateMenu.


January 8 2008:
Also can optionally search in your functions in specified folders.
A wish list.

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when i get you right i only have to type ;something and press enter ?

i can't make it work right now.

returns: Error in CI_CreateIndex: unknown identifier.
... CIndexer ind.Init
Maybe you have Enter triggers?

Does FF_CI_Enter run when you press Enter? Does it launch CI_CreateMenu?

Note that you have to type the query not in th Find dialog or somewhere else but in macro.
What is the identifier? Do you have QM
Forgot to add

#compile CIndexer

before. But you don't have to run CI_CreateIndex explicitly.
i have a global enter trigger.
after disable your functions work.
Gintaras Wrote:What is the identifier? Do you have QM
i always have the newest version 8)
Quote:i have a global enter trigger

You can change the trigger to whatever key. But don't use Enter with Ctrl/Shift/Alt. They are special hotkeys in QM.

Or make sure that your Enter's filter function allows to run other macros that have the same trigger. It should return -2 instead of 0 when it does not launch its own macro.
i have a somehow similar solution for searching in qm,
using that for ages, but its not yet ready for publishing.
i have to digg into your functions to learn more ...

i use middle click on selection and show a menu with options.

here is a snippet:
Copy      Help
pp=PopupMenu("open[]find here[]internal help[]qm help[]google[]qm forum")
sel pp
,case 1
,,int mi=qmitem(_s 1)
,,,str m.getmacro(_s 1)
,,,,run _s
,,,,men 32975 win("" "QM_Editor") ;;Go to definition
,,err+ end
,,mac+ m;end
,case 2 key Cf;end
,case 3 key F1;end
,case 4 goto qmfind
,case 5 goto google
,case 6 goto forum
,case else end

Very nice.
Taking on Quick Macros one day at a time
Added two new features.

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