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Trigger problems with mouse
im running 2.0.9 and am having problems with triggering a keystroke command when hitting the #5 and #11 with the mouse. it is supposed to flip to the next or prev tab in my browser but the results are spotty. here is my macro
ifa "Netscape"
else....etc, etc (about 4 other progs listed afterwards in the same manner.

sometimes it works sometimes not. ive adjusted the sensetivity in both directions and turned off the "mouse acceleration". when it doesnt work (note: it doesnt say that it fails, it just doesnt flip throught the tabs), i hit the CQ key command and netscape flips right to the next/prev tab just fine. any ideas as to why this is? :?

btw: still LOVE the prog! a buddy bought a copy for his client too!
I had similar situation with some pages in IE. When mouse pointer runs over some objects, trigger does not work. I noticed that some objects, when contain mouse pointer, cause CPU to be 100% used (i tested it on P166). Then QM receives only every second or fewer notifications about mouse position change, and this is reason why mouse trigger does not work. I'll try to make it more reliable, if it is possible.

Other situation is when some programs sometimes does not receive [some] mouse messages. I noticed it in MS Access while dialog is shown and main window is disabled.
Thanks for looking into this for me....let me know if youre able to get some code into it, i'll start testing it right away.

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