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Soft Enter
Anyone know how to do a soft enter? Not a regular or Hard enter a soft one? :?:
What is "soft Enter" and "hard Enter"?
on the keyboard....otherwise.... soft return and hard return.

tried sendkey doesnt work
My keyboard has 2 Enter keys - 1 below Backspace and 1 in numpad. Which is hard and which is soft?
Is there a different command to hit each of them?
Yes, but where you would use it? Don't know a program where these two keys would have different function. maybe in games.
I dont think they are two diff keys but, there is somthing called a hard enter or return and a soft enter or return was wondering if there is a code to do them.
I also heard something about hard/soft return but don't know what is it. What is the difference and where it is used?
Well some places that dont have a Submit or Send key dont react to QM's regular enter commands, thats why i need a soft enter command.
In what program and what place? Maybe I can test.
Soft enter allows you to put sentences into separate lines but they behave like one paragraph. This works in MS Word.

To insert them just press SHIFT + ENTER

For more information consult this link: ... to-use-it/


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