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Hyperlink in Excel
How can I set a hyperlink in a cell of excel?

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function ~link ~text column row
;ExcelSheet es.Init
;es.Hyperlink("" "link" 5 3)

if(!ws) Init
Excel.Range r=ws.Cells.Item(row column)
BSTR ad=link
VARIANT t=text
ws.Hyperlinks.Add(ws.Application.Selection ad @ @ t)
How can I insert in a cell a hyperlink to a QM macro?
When hyperlink is qm command line, it does not work?
It can execute [qmcl.exe] but not [qmcl.exe M "Macro4"]
Can use shortcut file.
But Excel shows 2 security warning msgboxes before running the file.
Ok. Thanks.
Can register custom URL protocol to run QM macros.

Macro qm protocol register
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;Registers custom URL protocol to run QM macros.
;Then you can run QM macros from:
;;;Windows 'Run' dialog and some programs:  qm:macro name
;;;Hyperlinks:  <a href="qm:macro name">link text</a>

if(!IsUserAdmin) mes- "QM must be running as administrator." "" "x"
rset "URL:QM Protocol" "" "qm" HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
rset "" "URL Protocol" "qm" HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
rset "qmcl.exe M ''qm_protocol_handler'' C %1" "" "qm\shell\open\command" HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

Function qm_protocol_handler
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str s=_command+3
s.escape(8) ;;sometimes command is urlencoded, eg from firefox
;out s
mac s


Shows only 1 warning in Excel.
In web browsers, shows warning only first time.

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