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Sharing Macros & supersmall macro ANTICAPSLOCK
Gintaras, thanks for the Copy extension.

Copying Macro's can be done from EDIT/SHARING or Hotkey's
ctrl+shift+C - to have <TAB> in your macro's replaced by ","
ctrl+shift+V -to paste them back with "," replaced by <TAB>)

It works very nice. I copied all the examples from Lindsey and they worked right away without any alteration (W2K).

Super small Macro ANTI CAPSLOCK (witout any <TAB>)
I'm one of those peolpe who inadvertantly touches the CAPS lock key all the time while typing WIth ThiS ReSUlt and I was sort of suprised that this could be remedied with the super simple macro:

key K

You have to put the Properties to Key/CAPLOCK and choose "eat" and "Wait to release".

Best regards,

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