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Need help!!!
Im trynig to make a macro keep running all time and check what keys are being pressed and do stuff based on what keys are pressed....
(This is the one i REALLY need.... the bottom one is not that important)

How do i do this?

Another thing i need is how do i make a macro only work if a very specific window has focus and is top window and im using a hotkey (Must be hotkey + active focused window)

sorry but thats sounds as if u want a key logger.
craig1983 Wrote:sorry but thats sounds as if u want a key logger.

no i already have a keylogger (they are easy to make in VB)

however what i wanted was macros to do special moves in a game at the press of buttons while playing.

I have it working now anyway.

Only problem atm is writeprocessmemory etc

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