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Insert formatted date
My very first excursion into this great program, so be kind. I've been trying to write a macro to insert the system date into a text editor. All the format options are nice and when I overcome the first step I'll try 'em out. Right now the system short form will do. Please point the way.

1. Declare str variable.
2. With that variable, call function time with formatting string.
3. Paste that variable.

Example1 - month/day/year
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str s
out s

More date-time formatting examples

Example2 - date
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out s.time("%x")

Example3 - date and time
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out s.time("%c")

Example4 - short-weekday short-month day hour:min
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out s.time("%a %b %#d %H:%M")

As you see, %x is replaced to date, %#d to day, etc.
Characters that aren't preceded by % (in example - spaces and colon) are unchanged.
Thank you, kind one! I thought it would be simple and it was, but somehow I missed the declaration. Also took a look at the dll GetLocalTime function and at least printed out the Hour. But that is the long way, I think.


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