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hello everyone,

i have purchase order forms for work. There are 20 - 25 per page, i have the first po# set as a lef example: 123 789. after it opens the first po it will look for what i need it to look for and then it will repeat. problem is i need it to go to the next po # that is below it. all it does is goes in one big circle staying on the first po number. everytime its done its duty it has to advance 1 time when coming back. i tried page down, page up, scroll. im stuck on stupid here. i have given up after hours of this. i am sure its right in front of me but after hours looking at it all of it looks the same. all i wanna do is make my office life a lil easier. if anyone could help me out i would be so great full. i have searched every title i could type in the search menu and have read in qm help. i dont understand alot of what is spoke but i do understand the lefs, so if its possible id like to stay with that. just like the old saying says a beggar cant be a chooser . tyvm again.
To select next item in web page or dialog, usually can be used Tab or arrow keys. ... TCUTS.html
tyvm for your fast response but i cant seem to make this thing a go. I tried the different options you showed me and it still doing the same thing.
what program is it in? Excel uses arrow keys well; IE tabs work good.

Can you manually move to it using the keyboard? If so, that's the method you'd want to use.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
no sir ken . i cant use the keyboard. well i can do it manually if macro isnt running of course. she has them by the month in a folder. when you open there is a table in access data base.

here is what it starts out like.
rep 1
lef 651 160 <<<<<<< this is just set as a starting point. it has nothing in it
key D(VK_DOWN) ;;Press Down Arrow 1 time
key D(VK_UP) ;; Press Arrow Key up 1 time
key Y(VK_DOWN) ;; Send Enter Key Down
key Y(VK_UP) ;;Send Enter Key Up <<<<<<<opens the first row
Acc a=acc("" "TEXT" win(" " "") "Edit" "" 0x1800 0x0 0x20000040)
a.SetValue("paid on 1/10/09") <<<<<< types in the po ticket paid

then it repeats itself all over again but going back to the same spot it started with. i dunno if this helps but i will say she found the text on kens blog and set that up.ty for that. now the rest i have no clue of. i say she as my secretary and wife so the pressure is on me loll. we havnt been able to use this featur we have thought of so i guess if its not able to be done then its no biggie. at least we did 1 tho lol. ty all for your reply if you can help us out that be great if not i understand. im done beating my head against the wall over it.

ty again
well, you're actually hitting all those keys twice not once like your comments say. cou0d that be part of the problem?
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
i took them out, still doesnt come back and start a new one. i will say the first ticket has been paid alot :lol:

how you do it manually when the macro isn't running should be replicable using qm.

what are the keystokes you use (try not to use the mous) when you are doing it without QM?
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
You can try by placing "lef 651 160" above rep 1 as each time loop restarts it is positioned on the starting point. Just a suggestion.
ty ty for all the advice. i got it bye adding another folder and just added a step and made it continue. i moved the rep and that helped some. but you guys are great. thanks again


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