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Performance counters
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;Performance counter functions.
;Can be used, for example, to create performance triggers.
;The counters are the same as you can see in Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe).
;At first call Open. Then repeatedly call Query. The first Query does not get results.

#compile CPerformanceCounter
CPerformanceCounter c
c.Open("\LogicalDisk(C:)\% Disk Time") ;;logical disk C:
;c.Open("\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\% Disk Time") ;;all physical disks (the same as GetDiskUsage)
;c.Open("\Memory\Available MBytes") ;;free physical memory
;c.Open("\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Received/sec") ;;bytes received/s by all network adapters.
rep 3
,out c.Query

2014-01-12. Supports Unicode.

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error in PDH_MORE_DATA
Thank you. I used another winapi reference file.

def PDH_MORE_DATA 0x800007D2

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