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how to fetch a website ?
since there are ftp functions,
is is possible with qm to fetch* a website to somewhere in the memory/ram ?
on port 80.

fetch = start a http reguest, but don't involve any window -
exspecially not +iexplore

why that ?

because of my cheap dial in provider, starts on every new
connection his start page.
this is serverside, so the best way is simply to start a http request
and to open then the real site.

[i'll edit this posting later on]
I would probably try HttpConnect, HttpFileGet (for every file) and HttpDisconnect. HttpFileGet downloads file to str variable. Another sample is in System\Functions\Internet\HTTP\samples\HTTP sample 2.

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str files="index.html[]resources.html[]images\toolbar1.gif"

;If not connected to internet, try to connect:
if(!IntDial("My Connection" 1)) ret

;Connect to HTTP server:

;Download and show files:
str s file
int i
for i 0 100000
,if(file.getl(files i)<0) break
,s.fix(0) ;;HttpFileGet forgot it
,if(HttpFileGet(file &s)) ShowText(file s)

out "The End"

QM http extensions aren't very smart. For example they can hang up and then you must restart QM to get them working again.
thank you.
for me the QM http extensions are smart enough.

Big Grin

now ... :mrgreen:

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