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Find .NET (WindowsForms) controls. For QM < 2.3.4.
Note: Don't need this for QM 2.3.4 and later. Now function child() and accessible object functions support .NET controls.

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;Although controls in .NET windows ("Windows Forms") have id, it is different
;each time you open the window. You cannot use function id() to find them.
;Sometimes you also cannot use function child() and acc(), because they may have no text.
;But these controls have a name property. It is set at development time and usually
;is unique in that window.

;This class has functions to get the name property and find controls using it.
;Use this class only with .NET windows. Controls in other windows don't have a name property.
;You can recognize .NET windows by class names. They are like "WindowsForms10.Window....".
;To discover control names in a .NET window, use function DotNetShowControlNames.

;Fails if the process belongs to another user.
;On Vista, fails if QM is running as User and the process has higher integrity level.

;See also: <DotNetFindControl>  <DotNetShowControlNames>  (they use this class)

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