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Changing text font/color/size/background in RichEdit TextBox
Hi Gintaras,
I have some text that I fill a richedit text box with in a dialog. I know how to change the text size/font/background for the entire contents of the text box. However, is it possible to do it for just a selected string within the box?

"The word RED should be red but all the rest of the text should be normal"


yah just make the code seperate
whatever words you want red make red
the rest dont add it... like 2 lines
thanks for responding. I am not sure I understand your error.
The text in the richedit field is variable. I don't know what it is ahead of time.
The selected text within that is also variable - they represent selected text in a separate applications text field
i.e. I take the whole contents of the other app's text field (several paragraphs) and whatever the user had selected within that I want to have in different font/color/background.

If you could clarify your answer or even give an example, that would be great.

several examples should be here
documented in MSDN library

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