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Keystrokes to MIDI
I would like to convert keystrokes from a USB QWERTY keyboard to MIDI notes to control sequencing programs.

MIDI-OX( has a COM interface that could be used with QuickMacros...Right?

I alway have so many troubles getting these COM interfaces to work, so I would appreciate a little help to get me off the ground.

Jimmy Vig
To work with MIDI can be used API functions that begin with "midi". Try midiInMessage, maybe with MIIM_DATA.

MIDI-OX will run as separate process, although controlled by QM. Like Excel. Is it OK? I did not test, but should be like usually. Install MIDI-OX. It should register its COM. Then in QM, in Type Libraries dialog find its type library, insert typelib statement, compile the macro, declare a variable of one of classes that are in the typelib, and call functions that are in the class.

typelib TypelibName ...
TypelibName.AClass v._create
I think I may have figured this out before...but any way to use the idea here to generate simple Note on and note off MIDI messages.

This way I can use FF_macro_on_key_up to essentially map a QWERTY style keyboard to custom MIDI notes.

I'll toy around too, but perhaps someone has an answer.

Jimmy Vig
For sure, all I need is a function that will send simple midi note on/off commands over a specified MIDI device.

I'm pretty sure I pulled this off once with midiOutShortMsg

I can't find those functions now!! Darn IT!!
Macro MidiOut help
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;Plays MIDI notes or sends other MIDI messages.


#compile "__MidiOut"
MidiOut x.Open(-1)

x.SendB(0x90 60 127) ;;note 60 at max velocity
x.SendB(0x80 60) ;;stop note 60
x.SendB(0x90 50 127)
x.SendB(0x80 50)

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This is like christmas for me! Thank you so much for all of your help. You are awesome.

Jimmy Vig

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