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OpenGl clear problem
Hi Gintaras:

I was looking for some information in OpenGl, it worked, but i don't know why it does not clear the window when I move the mouse

Here it is the entire code, it was borrowed from a DevC Sample.

Thank you

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.qml   opengl.qml (Size: 24.09 KB / Downloads: 163)
Some dll declarations incorrect.

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dll gdi32 #ChoosePixelFormat int'hdc PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR*ppfd
dll opengl32 #glClear mask
dll opengl32 #glLightfv int'light int'pname float*params
dll opengl32 #glEnable int'cap
dll opengl32 #glClearColor float'red float'green float'blue float'alpha
dll opengl32 glPushMatrix
dll opengl32 glPopMatrix
dll opengl32 glRotatef float'angle float'x float'y float'z
dll opengl32 glBegin int'mode
dll opengl32 glEnd
dll opengl32 glColor3f float'red float'green float'blue
dll opengl32 glVertex2f float'x float'y
dll opengl32 wglDeleteContext int'hglrc

I tested with 10 ms timer. First thread OK, but other threads eat whole CPU time. 50 ms OK. Don't know how to fix it. Tried the C++ sample, in raw C++ threads, the same. If possible, run the macro in separate process.
Thank you Gintaras, i will try it


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