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Uploading pdf file to webserver
I'm trying to upload a pdf file (~50kB) to a web server with h.PostFormData.

When I run the macro first time, I get the following error message: h.lasterror=The action must be retried. I retried many times and it didn't help. If I change a[0].isfile=1 to a[0].isfile=0, I don't get any error message and the web server responses. Of course, the file is not uploaded.
Now, if I change a[0].isfile back to 1, the macro uploads the file and will work until I restart QM.

Do I miss some initialization or anything else?
Maybe the web server requires at first post form without file. If works, call PostFormData 2 times. First time with isfile 0, next with isfile 1.

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