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Wait for multiple windows or controls created, enabled, etc
Macro WaitWinMulti help
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;Waits for multiple top-level or child windows.
;At first call an AddX function to define windows to wait for. Call it for each window.
;Then call a WaitX function to wait for a condition.

;This is common to all WaitX functions:
;;;;Return 1-based index of the added window that satisfies the wait condition.
;;;;Succeed if the condition is true when called.
;;;;Use opt waitmsg and opt hidden.


#compile "__WaitWinMulti"
WaitWinMulti x
x.AddWin("" "" "WORDPAD")
sel x.WaitActive
,case 1 out "notepad"
,case 2 out "wordpad"

Attached Files
.qml   WaitWinMulti.qml (Size: 9.06 KB / Downloads: 858)

according to the définition, the test should be :
x.AddWin("" "Notepad")


Will this work in exe? i.e. does it use functions available in exe?
Hmm I don't get it how to use this for child windows and text :?
(see attachment)
I want to make 3 cases, but since the title is the same I have to separate it by text.

Has anyone some examples for me please?

I bet it's totally simple.. :lol:


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I added new function AddMsgBox.

Delete folder WaitWinMulti. Download and import WaitWinMulti.qml from the first post. Restart QM.

Macro Macro1707
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#compile "__WaitWinMulti"
WaitWinMulti x
x.AddMsgBox("QM Message" "1")
x.AddMsgBox("QM Message" "*Two*")
sel x.WaitActive
,case 1 out 1
,case 2 out 2
Is working fine.
Thanks Gintaras! Smile

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