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qm toolbar: center text on button
i have a horizontal toolbar with only one letter per button without icons.
how do i center the letter (text)?
Toolbar Toolbar
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[32] N :mes "N" **
[32] R :mes "R" **
can you add it in next version as toolbar option?
a [32] looks not good in toolbar code.

[32]1 :outp "[attachment=1]" **
[32]2 :outp "[attachment=2]" **
[32]3 :outp "[attachment=3]" **
[32]4 :outp "[attachment=4]" **
[32]5 :outp "[attachment=5]" **
[32]6 :outp "[attachment=6]" **
[32]7 :outp "[attachment=7]" **
[32]8 :outp "[attachment=8]" **

[32]P :n__2smfbbcode("password") **
No. QM uses standard toolbar control. It does not have a style or message "center text".
would it be possible to manipulate the toolbar buttons with toolbar hook function?
like display buttons with [32] but don't edit toolbar code.
In hook function, under WM_INITDIALOG, you can enumerate buttons, get and set button text. Use toolbar control messages. But it is not perfect. Original text will be restored after changing some properties through context menu.


To set text also can use function ChangeQmToolbarButtonText. It is in QM forum -> resources -> first topic.
i think thats to much of a hassle.
i better make some nice buttons with photoshop :lol:

but i am sure i will try also the hook way.

thanks again.

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