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Alternative to rset/rget?
Hello QM Forum,

I have started working on a macro to help me organize events. Normally I would use rset and rget to save information to the registry and retrieve it, but I have been thinking maybe I can do it alternatively w/out using the registry. I was thinking that I can make a folder in my C drive like "Main Content", then have a sub folder inside like "Saved Information" that I could use to save my information into seperate .txt documents. I feel its possible, but not really sure what code to use to send and retrive the text out of the .txt documents inside the sub folder. So if its possible any help would be appreciated, if its not a simple no would work as well. lol. Thanks for the time, I appreciate it.
QM Student
you'd use 'setfile' and 'getfile'. here's an article on getfile that should help quite a bit.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Thanks alot ken, will get right to it.
QM Student
Ok thanks alot once again, just figured out what I needed exactly. Thanks for the atricle was very useful.

QM Student

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