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Problem with Windows 7

I recently purchased a new computer running Windows 7 and I have found that QM is slower in a couple of areas in Windows 7 than it was in Windows XP.
I am running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional [Version 6.1.7600] 64-bit.

The attached test.qml file has a function, openNextExe, that I use to switch between windows belonging to the same exe file.
The functions Open_Explorer and Open_Word call openNextExe and have key triggers that allow me to quickly switch to the next explorer or word window.

If I open 2 Word documents, I can hold down Win-W and the word documents flicker on the screen as QM switches between them.
If I open 2 Explorer windows and hold down Win-E, QM soon stops responding, for many seconds, sometimes up to a minute.

One time after a hang, I think I got a runtime error on the line: sc.getwinclass(a[i])

Thank you for any advice you have.
Thanks again for quick macros and your amazing support,

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.qml   test.qml (Size: 6.48 KB / Downloads: 163)
Thank you, it will be fixed in next QM version.

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