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anyone can help me with this macro---find image on webpage
There is one website. There are a lot of categories. Each category has tens or hundres of pages and each page has more than 10 "add to cart" icons , I need to click each icon to add them to cart then go the next page and do the same thing. This is so boring and takes a lot of time.

I learned about this software through google, I wonder if this software can find the add to cart icons on each page and click them automatically. Then go to the next page(there is a right arrow icon at the bottom to change the pages) and do the same thing again automatically? How to do that? Can anyone help? Thanks very much! I have attached both pictures.

[Image: 2cpdnxf.jpg]
[Image: 1ic3kn.jpg]

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These images and links are accessible objects. In Internet Explorer they also are html elements. Quick Macros has functions to find and click these objects and elements. To insert these functions, use dialogs that are in the floating toolbar.

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