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Loop / Looping The Entire Script.

I downloaded this software as it was recommended as simple by a friend. Unfortunately this friend is far more savvy with this kind of thing than I.

All I need to do is have the macro hit space bar every 100 seconds or so inside a window and repeat indefinitely. Really simple right?

I managed to work out how to trigger the space bar and wait the 100 seconds but how do I repeat it indefinitely?

The help topics for Repeat are impossibly confusing and as much as I'd love to spend time learning this; I simply don't have the time to do so.

Can someone please, in really noob speak tell me what to do to make the whole thing loop?

All I have is:

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int w2=act(win("VENTFUS-C" "Coreventer"))
key V

I just need that to repeat without stopping. I know this may seem really stupid but for a noobie it's very confusing.

- Really appreicate fast answer, thanks allot everone.

Function Function7
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,int w2=act(win("VENTFUS-C" "Coreventer"))
,key V
Also look in Tips. It is at the bottom of Quick Macros window. There you can find easier help and examples for often used things, such as repeating.
Thanks allot. So simple but when you don't know, you don't know. THis is the end result;

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max win("VENTFUS-C" "Coreventer")
lef 799 400
    int w2=act(win("VENTFUS-C" "Coreventer"))
    key V

(I can't assign a hotkey to run the bind as countless hotkeys are assigned to Coreventer so I have to start it manually.)

Really appreicate your help.

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