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if part# is in a desc box

I am new to qc and have been playing with it for a few days.

I am working in a manufacturing plant and need some qc help.

I am trying to figure out how to have an OK window pop up if there is a certain part number in a description box.
In a program that is running, there is a list of about twenty part numbers that the computer user can double click on. After they double click a certain part number another window pops up with certain fields already filled in, one of which being the part number the user clicked on. I want an OK window to pop up if the part number in the field is one of a select seven part numbers. The problem is that the list of part numbers has a scroll bar and also there are tabs that sort the part numbers by units, manufacturer, numerically.
I know how to do the pop up windows and basic stuff, but i cannot figure out how to say "if part number 12345 is shown in the description box, then when the print button is hit, pop up another window that says change the paper" but NOT have a pop up window if one of the certain seven part numbers is NOT in that description.

Thanks for any help.

Try to capture the part number with 'Find accessible object' dialog. Do you see it in 'Name' or 'Value' field?
haha, i meant qm.i posted that at the end of a long day yesterday.

I used get name, and it worked, so now i have the part number as str name. The part number is in the form 007700, 007701, 007702...007728.

I want to say "if str name = 007704, 007705, 007706 or 007707, then when print is clicked pop up an OK mes window but if str name is NOT 007704, 007705, 007706 or 007707, then dont pop up an ok mes window.

I know how to do the pop up mes window when print is clicked but i dont know how to say that if statement.

Thanks gintaras for the help.
Use sel.

sel name
,case ["007704","007705",...]
,mes ...

Here ... is any code.

That worked perfectly.

Thank you very much gintaras. You dont have to help everyone as much as you do and for that, i thank you. Just the few minutes of your time, saved me a lot of hassle.

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