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Get Text from
Is there anyway to get text from a PDF file that is not a flat image?

I can open the PDF and copy and paste can I do this with QM?

Jimmy Vig
I don't know other ways. Google for a program or component that can do it.
This works on it's own,

Having troubles getting it to work with QM.

Got QM to run cmd line...needed the "''filename.pdf''"

But there is a .dll and some source code. Could you give me hand converting it?

Jimmy Vig
Do you really need dll if can use the command-line program? I only can convert dll declarations to QM. Email me the h file.
The program will work fine. Once I realized it need the the quotation marks to pass the file name it works. I do wish that I could just extract the text straight to a variable. The program doesn't have a parameter to specify an output file. Have to run the command and then grab the text from the file which is created in the same directory. I've got it working, just thought you might be able to get it working better. I'd also like to get images down the road.

Thanks for your help,
Jimmy Vig

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